If you are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse you may have contact with the courts.

This may be through:

  • Obtaining injunctions and other legal measures to help prevent domestic abuse from continuing.
  • Going through the family court system to negotiate child contact arrangements.
  • Prosecutions following a crime taking place.

In all instances, you can get support. The Somerset Domestic Abuse Service can help provide you with advice and where needed, help you access other suitable services. For example, solicitors who are experienced in working with those affected by domestic abuse.

If you are required to provide evidence to support a criminal trial, then the Crown Prosecution Service can help make sure this is carried out sensitively through what is known as ‘special measures’. The domestic abuse service can help support you with this.

How to get evidence

You can download and print a sample letter to send to the police, courts, or medical and social services.

This helps you get the proof you need, depending on whether:

  • you have been a victim
  • your children have been victims

Give the letter to the person you’re asking to provide evidence. They will be able to fill in the details for you. You might have to pay a fee for this.

You can get more information on the GOV.UK website – Legal Aid

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