The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 statutory guidance states that public agencies should invest in awareness raising, specialist training and systems change within their services to ensure that victims receive effective and safe responses and that information about their services reaches the range of different communities and protected groups in their areas.

Somerset Council on behalf of the Safer Somerset Partnership organises a range of training courses – from basic awareness to more specialist courses, with the aim for the effective prevention and response to domestic abuse to be a priority for all agencies. All organisations can have a basic awareness of domestic abuse, which can help provide a shared community understanding of the complexity surrounding the problem.

For more information, practitioners can view the Somerset Domestic Abuse Strategic Learning Framework.

For more information on Domestic Abuse Training please email publichealthtraining@somerset.gov.uk.

Level One (Foundation)

Domestic Abuse Foundation training for professionals. It is compulsory to complete this course before attending level two courses.

This training is free for professionals working for an organisation who operate in Somerset. For organisations outside Somerset, a fee applies.

Find the modules online.

Level Two Courses (to be completed after the foundation e-learning above)

We’re currently reviewing our level two training course calendar and more courses will be available shortly. However, there is currently the following course available:

Domestic Abuse Counter Allegations

What to do when partners, ex-partners or family members make allegations of domestic abuse against each other. There will be two opportunities to book the course.

The training will be virtual, there will be two learning sessions within one week of each other (1/2 days) and a third session will be offered for reflection and how organisations and individuals have and can embed learning in practice.

Group 3 (You must attend all sessions)

  • Session A: Thursday 27 June 9.30am to 1pm
  • Session B: Thursday 4 July 9.30am to 1pm
  • Session C: Thursday 12 September 10am to 12pm

For more information or to book please email publichealthtraining@somerset.gov.uk.

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

This is a one-hour awareness session about male victims of domestic abuse. The session includes impact information in relation to men experiencing domestic abuse in the UK. This training looks at some key statistics, the additional challenges and barriers faced by men and what support is available.

There are four opportunities to attend this virtual training:

  • Tuesday 9 July 2024 1pm to 2pm
  • Wednesday 25 September 2024 11am to 12pm
  • Monday 7 October 2024 9.30am to 10.30am
  • Thursday 7 November 2024 2pm to 3pm

For more information or to book please email publichealthtraining@somerset.gov.uk.

Other eLearning

There are several e-learning opportunities for you and your colleagues. These include those listed below.

The charity Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) has two helpful e-learnings:

  • Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Complicated Matters: Domestic and Sexual Violence, Problematic Substance Use and Mental Ill-health

Find online at http://www.elearning.avaproject.org.uk/

AVA has online webinars and courses available for professionals who work with people affected by domestic abuse.

Take a look online at https://avaproject.org.uk/events/

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